Vinifera grapes

Having grown up in rural areas of south central PA, agricultural based business is a natural fit for both Tod and Jean.  Tod was reared on a quarter horse farm in Bedford County, while Jean grew up in the midst of a dairy farm operation in Somerset County.  As a child, Jean’s grandfather raised concord grapes to sell locally and her father was a home winemaker. 


The winery is a very special ahh moment for us.  Do you remember a special ahhh moment that changed your life?  For us, it happened on a much needed get away.  We were escaping into the romance of wine, vineyards and a small village in a remote area that enveloped us in its charm and slower pace.  We were sitting on an outdoor deck shaded by a beautiful pergola covered with blooming wisteria.  The deck sat above the vineyard and all was quiet and serene.  We were enjoying a crisp, Sauvignon Blanc with some crusty French bread and goat cheese.  As we enjoyed the day we were lulled into reminiscing over special times in our lives and relized how those special ahhh moments were often related to wineries and vineyards.  I could close my eyes and see my grandfather tending his vines and singing a little ditty while he worked.  We began to talk in terms of how perhaps someday we could have a vineyard & winery.  As we dreamed, we found ourselves planning how, when and where.  Our vision was to plant our vineyard with wonderful vinifera grapes, start our boutique winery on a shoestring and try not to lose sight of our dreams and our mission.  With us, it is all about the wine.  We want the wines to be true to our dedication to bringing out the best the grape has to offer and to recreate that ahhh moment when we sit down at the end of the day.  Wine, like life, is meant to be savored.  We invite you to come sip our wines and create your own unique ahhh moment.

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