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Gewurztraminer 2015

Aromatic-full of fruit, lychee and spice notes. Pairs well with spicy foods, rich cream sauces, mild cheese, poultry, grilled fish and pork. Shipping included in price.

2016 Finger Lakes International Competition2014Silver
2012 Finger Lakes International Competition2010Bronze
2012 Pennsylvania Farm Show2010Bronze
2010 Pennsylvania Wine Association2010Silver
2011 Pennsylvania Farm Show2009Silver
2010 Pennsylvania Farm Show2008Governor’s Cup
2010 Pennsylvania Farm Show2008Gold
2010 Pennsylvania Farm Show2008Best of Show
2010 Pennsylvania Farm Show2008Best Vinifera
2010 Grand Harvest Awards2008Silver
2010 San Francisco Chronicle2008Bronze
2010 National Women’s Competition2008Bronze
2010 Finger Lakes International Competition2008Bronze

Lemberger 2014

A traditional red grape of Austria with aromas of cherry, strawberry and warm spices. A lighter bodied wine, it has flavors of red berries, tart cherries and hints of white pepper. Pairs well with grilled and barbequed meats, salmon and game. Shipping included in price.

2011 Finger Lakes International Competition2009Bronze
2011 Pennsylvania Farm Show2009Bronze
2010 Atlantic Seaboard Competition2008Silver
2010 International Eastern Competition2008Silver
2010 Pennsylvania Wine Association2008Gold
2010 Finger Lakes International Competition2008Silver
2010 San Francisco Chronicle2008Bronze
2010 Pennsylvania Farm Show2008Ailver
2009 Atlantic Seaboard Competition2007Bronze
2009 International Eastern Competition 2007Silver
2009 Pennsylvania Farm Show2007Bronze
2009 Finger Lakes International Competition2007Silver
2009 Pennsylvania Wine Association2007Silver