We are pleased that you are considering Briar Valley Winery to be a part of your fundraising efforts. We applaud groups and organizations that conduct fundraisers for charity. As a result of receiving daily fundraiser and general marketing requests we have adopted a policy to streamline and simplify this process.

4. Requests may be submitted by:

1. E-mail to information@briarvalleywinery.com

 2. Scheduling a meeting with a marketing staff member.

We hold monthly marketing meetings to discuss requests that have been received. Areas we examine in determining our participation are:

     1. Has sufficient time been allowed to successfully organize and promote the event?
     2. Is the date of the event available on our schedule?
     3. Has the event been planned well so it can be successful?
     4. Does the event “mesh” with our goals and image?
     5. How does the event promote Briar Valley Winery, food suppliers, etc.?
Please include all relevant contact information. If we accept your proposal, someone will contact you for further discussion.

Some of our favorite foundations:

Martha’s Vineyard Community Foundation

The Vinosky Foundation

Napa Valley Community Foundation
Media requests;
Feel free to submit marketing ideas in the same manner as described above. Please be brief and concise. Time constraints do not allow us to devote resources to lengthy or generic proposals.